Going to the theater

Plays are performed throughout the year in our municipalities. Amateur or professional companies, these shows always have a high quality. You will find them on the calendar with all details according to the schedule.

Two festivals mark the season and offer a wide variety of shows for several weeks:

  •  The Theatre festival of Coye-la-Forêt, May  A theater festival that takes place every year, for over 15 days. More than 6,000 spectators attending these high quality works. With more than 30 editions under its belt, this festival has a great value in the region.
  •  The Theatre Festival of the “Faisanderie”. All weekends in July, August and September. The magic of a theater where the nature is the stage. Constantly being renovated, the place is involved in this theatrical experience offered by the festival. Classical and modern pieces for children or adults, summer always reserves surprises and new opportunities.