The churches of the territory.

Church of Our Lady of Chantilly

The Church of Chantilly is a symbolic monument of the city's history. In fact, its construction in the 17th century will mark the official birth of the Parish of Chantilly. Built in 1687 and 1691 according to plans by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, is characteristic of classical antiquity churches. Its sober and simple architecture presents a beautiful decor.

St. Genevieve Church at Gouvieux

Behind his classic style facade and great walls, a primitive Gothic style building hides inside, eight times centenary. Overall the St. Genevieve Church is a very representative of the religious architecture of l'Ile-de-France. Registered as a historic monument in 1988.

Church of San Nicolas at Lamorlaye

Building for its remarkable atmosphere of the 19th century with its rich furniture of the time. The bell tower has an architectural balance.

Church of Our Lady of the Youth at Coye la Forêt

The first parish church, was founded in 1483 but is replaced in 1875 by a church of neo gothic style: a ship 7 cameras

Church of Our Lady of the Nativity of Orry la Ville

A sober-looking building however shows quality architecture of the early Gothic period.

San Martin Church of Apremont

The church consists of three different parts products of three different times. The nave has a gothic style and is the oldest part of the church. The tower is on late Renaissance style. Also there are vestiges of the XVI century.

Church of Avilly- Saint-Leonard

From the first Gothic church built in the twelfth century, remains the heart of the vault decorated warhead and a very well maintained building. After the Hundred Years War and the associated destruction a chapel was built to the south, following the line of the chorus, facing north to the chapel, which is remodeled on the same occasion.

Church of Vineuil Saint Firmin

Built between 1540 and 1543, presents the XVI century stained glass decorations loo Montmorency. Monument registered as historic in 1970, retains five windows and two statues registered as historical monuments in 1886 and 1912.

Church of Saint Martin at Plailly

Primitive Gothic style in the 18th century a new ship is added and becomes an innovative monument of the time. Is classified as a historical monument in 1862.

Church of San Bartolomeo Mortefontaine

The present church is not built until the 16th century. The exterior is very sober and the inside has a flamboyant gothic assagi style. The wedding of Caroline Bonaparte and Joachim Murat was celebrated in this church on January 20, 1800.

Holy Trinity Church of La Chapelle en Serval

The parochial church, rather soberly flamboyant style, mainly built in the 16th century. The large bell is terminated by a small stone copula with a renaissance influence in decline. Registered as a historic monument in 1949.