The pharmacy vials of the princes de Condé

The Condé hospice is installed in Chantilly in the early 18th century by desire of the princes.

Received the poor, sick, elderly, destitute and also abandoned children, this hospice was run by the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul.

Hospice acquired in 1870, a collection of pharmacy vials in polychrome clay, in order to preserve powders, ointments, pills, capsules and other substances used as drugs.

Miraculously preserved entirely, this superb collection of 120 bottles of pharmacy is located in the chapel of the hospice. Vials with the form of urns or tureen with floral decor and with the coat of arms of the princes Bourbon-Condé containing the most surprinsing ingredients (hemlock, spermaceti, Mithridates) or also repulsive (cochineal eyes, dog's tong or snake dust)!