The Domaine of Chantilly

The Domaine de Chantilly gathers the Chateau, the Condé Museum, the park, the Great Stables and Horse Museum. 

Le château consists of two areas: the apartments and the Condé Museum. 

The grand apartments allow visitors to appreciate the decorations of the 18th century, the century of princes. The furniture acquired by the Duke of Aumale, contemporary decor complements the visit. An important part of the big apartments: the library and the archives. 19,000 volumes, 1,500 manuscripts and 17,500 A few numbers pertaining to the library and the archives of the Château of Chantilly: 44,000 ancient books among which 700 early printed books; 1500 manuscripts, among which 500 illuminated volumes.

The Duke of Aumale inherited, from the princes of Bourbon-Conde, approximately 900 manuscripts and acquired 600, among which the famous Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry.
The small apartments of the Duke of Aumale reflect the lifestyle of the 19th century; have remained unchanged since the death of its owner. A journey to the Duke private life.

The Condé Museum, second collection of old paintings after the Louvre, has a wonderful collection of 800 masterpieces. Poussin, Ingres, Raphael ... dozens of artists who have made the history of the art.

The Condé Museum preserves a typical attachment of the 19th century. In fact, the Duke D'Aumale, the last owner of the castle, left a will very precise, requesting that the masterpieces of Chantilly remain in place and will never be sold or loaned. He was hoping to keep his collection intact, and with this, Chantilly is one of the best museums in France.

The Park 115 acres that include different types of gardens: "French" with the great parterre Le Nôtre, English Garden, Anglo-Chinese Garden, wood... 

Discover the gardens, the playground, maze, kangaroos and taste the real Chantilly cream in the hamlet.

The Grand Stables are home of the Horse Museum and the horse show. 

The Horse Museum, opened in 2014, is a modern museum with 200 works of art around the horse and its history. An interactive museum for all ages.

Dressage Demonstration and horse shows are presented according to an annual schedule.

Visiting Hours

Château & parc

  • from april to octobre >  every day from 10 am to 6 pm, the park closes at 8 pm.
  • novembre to march > every day from 10.30 am to 5 pm, the park closes at 6 pm. Closed on tuesdays.
  • Closed on January 

Grand Stables

  • april  to october  > every day from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • novembre to march > every day from 10.30 am to 5 pm. Closed on tuesdays.
  • Closed on January


  • Parc :
    adults > 7 €
    up to 18 years old > 4 €
  • Grand Stables and show:
    adults > 21 €
    up to 18 years old > 16.50 €
  • PASS Domaine  (Castel, Parc, Grand Stables)
    adults > 16 €
    up to 18 years old > 9.50 €
  • PASS Spectacle  (Château, Parc, Grand Stables, equestrian show)
    adulte > 30 €
    up to 18 years old > 22 €

An advice

We recommend spending half of the day exploring the castle and the park and continue your visit with The Grand Stables

Why not extend the discovery of the Domaine de Chantilly with sites of historical link: Le Pavillon de Manse with the hydraulic machine that supplied water fountains and waterfalls, or Potager des Princes with the footprint of the old garden ponds?