The legende of the Chantilly cream.

The creation of the Chantilly cream is often and by mistake attributed to Vatel in 1671 in the kitchen of the castle of Chantilly. François Vatel was the butler of Louis II de Bourbon-Condé, known as the "Great Condé," the king's cousin and owner of Chantilly. 

In April 1671, he’s in charge of organizing the reception of Louis XIV at Chantilly in order to seal the reconciliation between the two cousins. The party offered for the king and court from 23 to 25 April is a series of meals, illuminations, hunting and other events of sumptuousness rarely seen.

However, He had missed red meat on Thursday and seeing that provisions were not coming for Friday, Vatel commits suicide, he can’t face the failure.

Surely inspired by these two problems of provisions, it's said that Vatel also lacked of cream. Looking how compensate for this, had beaten the cream abruptly to give volume and would have called "Chantilly". If the anecdote is seductive, it is completely false. 

Let's restore the truth here.

We know that whipped creams are served at the time of Catherine de Medicis. Also in 1650, at a dinner given to the court in Bagnolet for Marie de Bourbon-Condé is served "lots of milk and lots of whipped cream" (Loret, 1650). But sugar is absent in this recipe.

We have to wait a century to find the appearance of the appeal "Chantilly" in cookbooks.

In 1750, Menon, culinary author, in his work gives the recipe for cheese Chantilly. But it was not until the late 18thcentury, 30 years later, when a true partnership cream known as "Chantilly" and the site itself is confirmed in the village of Chantilly.

In 1775 Louis- Henry  de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, owner at that time of the Domaine de Chantilly, inspired by the writings of Rousseau, the return to nature, healthy and simple life of peasants he built the Hamlet of Chantilly.

Seven cottages are built then at the east of the park: A stable, a dairy, a mill, a cabaret, a barn and two small rustic houses with thatched roofs. Forming a small town within a shaded landscape.

The barn, the dairy and mill meet their true functions, inside the other two buildings, we have the surprise of the luxury of the apartments of princes: a dining room, a billiard room, a living...

Since 1775, the Prince of Condé frequently organizes here dinners, tea for their loved ones. Receive important guests here as well, in 1777 the Emperor Joseph II, Maria Antonieta’s brother (who inspired this village to build the hamlet of Trianon) or even the daughters of Louis XV were here. The village became a place of amazing parties, concerts, canoe rides on the small canal and fine dining.

In 1784, the Baroness Maria Feodorovna, gives precious information about a reception "had never eaten such a good cream, so tempting, so firm. I had a bowl of fruits and mixed beauties, wrapped with a mouse, field flowers with birds’ nests in the four corners were the cutest cup ever admired. "

Finally for the first time was situated at Chantilly, the Chantilly cream!

But, it remains a great mystery among the "whipped cream" of the 17th century and the Chantilly cream of 1784 of who was the idea of ​​putting sugar in the cream? Which guest of the princes of Condé baptizes Chantilly cream?

Numerous recipes keep the secret of his birth, bringing the possibility of create wonderful stories.