The race Horses

The race horse is thoroughbred. Result of selective breeding that began in the 17th and 18th century at England, this selection lies mainly in the morphology of the horse (fineness).

Renowned for its agility and high speeds, the Thoroughbred is primarily bred for sprinting, so a horse galloping can reach a speed of 60 km / hr. 

The racetrack and betting 

Renovate around the 1840s, the hippodrome Chantilly is located in the heart of the city and occupies almost 60 ha. Surrounded by the Great Stables, the castle and the forest, the hippodrome presents a flexible field making its reputation. The stands built in 1881 and registered as historic monuments have been restored and modernized in the early 2000s. Property of Institute de France, the race track is administered by France Galop. Specialized since its creation in flat races (galloping). The racecourse receives each year about 200 races on average 40 days per year of activities.

A race is developed in 45 min: Weigh of jockeys, presentation of horses, set in the starting gate, and new presentation of race horses, awards.
You want to bet during races, there are special counter available for this.

Entry into Week: 5 € the weekend special rate days of big prizes.
Visit the Hippodrome with "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire" according Calendar 6 €

Training Centers

Chantilly has a very good reputation for the quality of its land/ soil. Therefore, since the 19th century, numerous riding stables and training centers have been established in this territory. Today, more than 3,000 thorougbreds horses train daily at the tracks of Chantilly, Gouvieux, and Lamorlaye and  Avilly-Saint-Léonard, cities in the area of  Chantilly.

Created in 1898 field “des Aigles” located in the city of Gouvieux has an area of ​​120 ha. (33 km of sandy tracks, 2 artificial fiber tracks, grass tracks and specific spaces for each coach). Forty trainers benefit of these infrastructures. Every morning between 6 am and 1 pm, several hundred horses gallop here. 45% of participants in the Paris racetracks come from the training center of Chantilly. 

To visit the Training Center "des Aigles” with a group contact the Tourist Office to make a reservation.
Discover the training Center the day of the "open doors", according to calendar.

To visit the Training Center "des Aigles” with a group contact the Tourism Office to book a reservation.
Discover the training Center the day of the "open doors", according to calendar.

"Les Grands Prix"

Chantilly has a big reputation because of two prices: the “Prix du Jockey Club” and  "le Prix de Diane".

The “Prix du Jockey Club” was created in 1836, today is run over a distance of 2100 meters (about 1 mile and 2½ furlongs) and is open to 3 years old thoroughbred colts. The prix du Diane was created in 1843 and is run over a distance of 2100 meters, (about 1 mile and 2½ furlongs) is generally associated with elegance. Open to three-year-old thoroughbred fillies. 

The ”Prix du Jockey Club" is held on the last Sunday of may and the “Prix de Diane” the second sunday of June. Many activities are combined with racing; concerts, presentation of old cars, parades.
It's recommended to dressed formally; hat and jacket are a must for these days.


Training stables

Located at the edge of the forest of Chantilly, and close to the training center. The Bois-Saint-Denis dating from the late XIX century, the neighborhood of equestrian life at Chantilly.

Road signs, sand tracks and special coating on the streets… everything at the Bois- Saint Denis is suitable for horses. In the neighborhood, still today 17 trainers are settled down, who  are responsible of the world’s biggest cracks The neighborhood also houses the AFASEC  where future professionals are trained.
To preserve its heritage and economic activity, the city of Chantilly declared some parcels du Bois Saint-Denis as "equine zones" in its local urban plan. These parcels are well protected and reserved for equestrian activity.



Tours of the training Stables with “Ville d’art et Histoire” for a group, reservation needed.
Individuals Tours as follows on the calendar.
Information at the Tourism Office of Chantilly where to see the thoroughbred horses.