Polo Horses

Nervous, energetic, flexible, intelligent, vivacious... This little horse typically Argentine, with muscular shoulders, the pronounced cross, solid hocks and feet can change in a couple of seconds of standing at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. It combines speed, maneuverability and power, and is recognized for their bravery and skill. 

The training center

In 1995, a group of friends created the Polo Club of Chantilly, in the village of Apremont. In lands and pastures previously used for the Polo, because it had been chosen by Baron Robert de Rothschild in 1920, and had gathered Polo World Leagues.

Since 1995, each year has seen an increase in the number and quality of horses. In 2004, the club accepted the challenge of organizing the World Polo Championship. All matches were held on the 9 parcels of the Apremont Polo Farm.

A rider spirit and a relaxed mind, continues to thrive in this place near Paris.

The level of polo continues to improve, thanks to the best players in the world who come regularly, attracted by competitions.

Matches even the most important, are freely available. The game and a cool atmosphere seduce a wide audience.

Enjoy a game of polo, all year except August. Free access. Calendar
Open de France - late September

The initiation and the Polo school

Directed by Laetitia and Thibault Guillemin, "Espirit Polo" is a structure that aims to organize tournaments ("Challenge indoor polo conseil", "Open Youth" ....) and host a polo school with stables, which are available for high quality education...

Polo individual lessons or traineeship, seek to teach the basic techniques of playing a game of Polo (holding and movement of the hub, near the ball ...)

They occur both in week (individual course or stick and ball) and the weekend (Saturday and Sunday 10am-1pm).

Polo practice requires specific technical riding, mainly sportive, oriented towards the game and mastery of balance and a good knowledge of the horse. 

These lessons, individual or collective, are intended, for all players, regardless their level. 

Polo lessons all age – all levels: 100 €  per hour