Show Harness Horses

Sturdy, handy, safe, attentive ...
The horse is a powerful and impressive animal receiving a good education. The long learning (6 years on average) allows him to enter naturally into his role and understanding of the work. The good results are in the complicity and trust between the horse and its rider!

Competition and Leisure 

Today, the show harness is associated with different practices: trotting, parade princely cart pulled by a strong horse, rural use (carrying), transportation, tourism city ... But thirty years of Show harness in France makes it a highly technical sport.

Unlikely to the traditional harness where the horse must be calm and safe, the show harness competition uses a sportive horse and lighter cars.

Presentation of horses and disciplines - competition and leisure

Show harness is a great way to share some quality time in nature. With leisure equipment is an opportunity for the family, while competition harness provides a sporty touch to this discipline.

Single Harness, horse and pony, in a couple of horses, four ponies ... There are so many different ways to exercise this discipline.