Show Jumping 

Jumping Horses

Dynamism, confidence, resilience, drive... Even if this horse gives an elegant aerial image when jumps, it has a very developed muscles in the legs. This is important because the jump needs a strong impulsion and creates big pressure received at the reception.

These horses can jump an obstacle up to 1m 60. 

Equestrian Horse Jumping

The show jumping is a leading discipline in France. Represents more than 80% of the business of competition, this can be in terms of competitors, contracts or testing skills. It has the advantage of easy understanding even if there are subtleties of judgment, the verdict of the bars and the timer are accepted by all. We can see that this discipline is becoming more technical, in fact the show jumping has become an Olympic discipline since a few years ago.

The bars are lighter, alternating strides where the horse should stretch and short steps where the horse must be compressed, the difficulty can be enhanced.

The jumping competitions in Chantilly develop over outdoor terrains prepared and worked all year by France Galop. A dream environment: two tracks in the "heart" of the Chantilly racecourse: the green amphitheater and the track in front of the Great Stables. A Tribune 4000 places entirely free is installed in front of the Great Stables for the Global Champions Tour. 








The Global Champions Tour


"Global Champions Tour" is a circuit of the highest excellence worldwide. The top 30 riders compete in nine stages worldwide. This is a summer circuit that takes place in an outdoor each of the tests.

The stage includes Chantilly Top 5 events (2 per day except Saturday) and the Grand Prix on Sunday at 3 pm, is presented in 3 phases. In the first, riders must achieve the highest score and lose the fewest points by jumping all the obstacles correctly. Only the top 18 advance to the second round. Then, only those who had a perfect path pass to the third round. The winner is the one who pass all obstacles with the best possible time.  

The track of 15 000 m² of  fibrous grass allows Chantilly to rival with the biggest competitions in the world.

Jumping Global Champions Tour *****, 3erd weekend of July, from 9am to 7 pm. Free access 

When attending the Equestrian Show Jumping at Chantilly 

Jumping Global Champions Tour *****, 3erd weekend of July, from 9am to 7pm. Free access.
Track in front of the Great Stables and green amphitheater, Chantilly racetrack.
Pedestrian access by the Duke of Aumale hemycicle and parking "Rond Point des Lions"