The Hensons in Chantilly

The Henson Horses 

True versatile, tonics, strong, safe and rustic horses, Henson can live without any problems all year outside.
After the official recognition of the breed in 2003, the promotion of the Henson is organized around two main axes:

  • Enhancement of the Henson race, since cleaning phase, in order to adapt the horses to all facets of riding; driving outdoors, the Show harness and equestrian games
  • The development of the concept of "Equestrian Henson Spaces" to help promote beyond the Bay of Somme, this type of riding completely innovative, which is increasingly to a wider audience.


The horseback riding tours "Chantilly Nature and Culture" are open to all riders, beginners with little experience or professional. Available every day of the year, without exception, reservation required. The total duration is 3 hours - one and a half horseback riding- departures 2 times a day, depending on the season (see schedule at the time of booking). 

Where can you ride a Henson horse ?

It is in "Atelier de Manse" - the heart of the city and the surrounding meadows, where the new "Area Equestrian Henson - Chantilly" was born. Departures every day of the year without exception. Reservation required. 3 hours of service. Beginner or advanced.

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