Le Domaine de Chantilly

The park of 115 hectares containing many types of gardens: the "French" garden with large parterre Le Nôtre, English Garden, Anglo-Chinese garden ... Discover of the gardens, tasting the real chantilly cream at the village, playground area, maze, kangaroos ...
It designed in the late seventeenth century by André Le Nôtre for the Grand Condé, the  french parterre of Chantilly, offering the most amazing views of the visit. It includes large bodies of water that reflects the sky, many fountains and water jets, also a variety of statues of high quality.

Located between the castle and the Great Stables, the English garden was designed under the Restoration in 1819 by architect Victor Louis-Joseph Dubois to Prince de Condé (1736-1818) on the site of part of Le Nôtre's gardens, destroyed during the revolution.
To the conventional perspectives of the Grand Canal, its waterfall and exquisite French parterre, add the Anglo-Chinese garden in the village, about five houses built for the Prince de Conde in 1774.