The Pavillon de Manse

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West of the castle, the territories are drained from 1684. A new network runs between the Grand Canal and the place known as the Canardière where the Nonette river regains its natural course before meeting in the Oise river.

In 1677 the construction of a lift pump with  hydraulic power began. The project, completed in 1680, will supply water to the west garden of the Grand Condé.

The building sits on a square base, it is optimized; four levels each have a different purpose and "hide" the machine. Unlike pumps located on the Seine, that has to be movable to adapt to flooding of the river, the ones of Manse can enjoy the smooth flow of La Nonette protected by the pavilion. One can not imagine the purpose of the building from the outside.

The system will be efficient and durable, and will remain in place during the Revolution to feed the fountains of the city and hospice Condé through tank located on the lawn.

The set was modernized by the Duke of Aumale in the 19th  century, Manse's machine is replaced in 1846.