Ponds of Comelle

Ponds are among the most remarkable areas of the Chantilly forest.They are an integral part of a natural area of ​​ecological, faunistic and floristic interest.

They are also protected as a site classified under the Domaine de Chantilly and belong to the Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park.

Pretty space of walk, arranged for all, the 4 ponds succeed each other and allow strolls according to desires.

The pond Commelle (6.5 ha), partly filled by an island covered with a reed
Chapron Pond (5.55 ha);
The pond Neuf (8.96 ha)
The pond of the Loges (9,95 ha).

The ponds were created during the 13th century by the monks of Chaalis Abbey to be used as fish ponds. They were laid out on the course of La Thève at the narrowest part of the valley, in the heart of the forest.

In the 18th century, the small castle built on the banks of the Etang des Loges was transformed into a hunting lodge. In the XIXth century it will be named "castle of the White Queen". From the beginning of the romantic period this site is frequented by artists, including Chateaubriand.

Free access throughout the year.
Parkings near the ponds, parking space to respect.




The gourmet break

© Etang d'Art








A small break at the ponds with the terrace of the creperie restaurant "L'Etang d'Art": a cold or hot drink, a snack or a meal, everything is allowed.
"L'Etang d'Art" is THE Breton crêperie par excellence.
Open (except in bad weather) every day from 1 April to 11 November. Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the rest of the year.
Concerts are held every Friday night.
Tel: 03 44 57 21 39 and 06 30 11 49 55.
All information HERE . ( In French)
Ice creams proposed by the TRUEBA sellers, on the car parks near the ponds.