5 golfs courses in the region of Chantilly

Golf of Apremont

Spread over 80 acres, the course of Apremont is elegant and powerful in pure Anglo-Saxon tradition. Round through the forest with 18 holes with water bodies - 6395 meters long, ensuring a wide variety of shots for all lovers of golf.

Practice 12 stations, two of them are covered.

Golf d’Apremont
Tel: +33 (0)3 44 25 61 11.
Web Site:  www.ngf-golf.fr

Le Golf Club du Lys Chantilly

The round of the Oaks (parcours des Chênes) is playable all year round. Comfortable in all seasons, no mud or puddles thanks to its sandy subsoil. With its stately trees, is sheltered from the wind or sun.
The round of the birches (parcours des Bouleaux) is shorter and narrower and requires skill and technique.

Tour of the Oaks "Des Chenes" - 18 holes - 70, 5905 meters.
Tour of the birches "Les bouleaux" - 18 holes - 68.
9 hole Pitch & Putt - For Practice 7 positions covered

Club du Lys Chantilly 
Rond-Point du Grand Cerf
60260 Lamorlaye
Tel : +33 (0)3 44 21 26 00
WebSite:  www.club-lys-chantilly.com

Le Golf de Chantilly

Rebuilt after the Second World War, the old Golf tours have been modified and reduced. The Vineuil 'Old Course' known world, It’s complemented by a 9-hole course called "Parcours des Longères" .In 1991, the round Longères extended to 18 holes giving 2 rounds and 36 holes at Golf de Chantilly.

Desiring to preserve the environment, Chantilly golf course offers a real natural. It is the player who must adapt to the conditions of the route depending on the season and not the reverse, making the game even more attractive. The Golf de Chantilly preserves the traditions of golf, golfers wear traditional clothing (linen trousers and polo neck).

Vineuil 18 holes - Par 71-6399 meters.
Longères 18 holes - Par 73-6391 meters.

Golf de Chantilly
Allée de la Ménagerie
60500 Vineuil Saint Firmin
Tèl: +33 (0)3 44 57 04 43
Web Site:  www.golfdechantilly.com

The Golf of Dolce Chantilly

Particularly original, accessible to any player,this golf round of 18 holes was designed in 1991 by the architects Robin Nelson and Thierry Huau.
Its sandy subsoil allows to play "dry feet" throughout the year.

14 holes in the forest, 4 others outside the hotel arranged in an architecture called "French Garden" with the watercourse and thanks ... water, wind, reeds, green islands and forest give this course its charm and technology.
Another originality of the round: the practice in the water.

Course of 18 holes - 72 - 6235 meters

Golf Hôtel Dolce Chantilly
Route d’Apremont
60500 Vineuil Saint Firmin
Tel: +33 (0)3 44 58 47 74
Web Site:  www.dolce-chantilly-hotel.com

The Golf of Morfontaine

Created in 1913 by the Duke of Gramont, Morfontaine Golf is a private club exclusively for members and their guests.

It consists of two courses:

  • Vallière, 9 holes
  • Le Grand Parcours, 18 holes

Golf de Morfontaine
60128 Mortefontaine
Web Site:  www.golfdemorfontaine.fr