The town of Apremont covers 1,362 hectares of which 27 are urbanized. The village has 835 citizens. Located in the center of a triangle whose vertices are Creil north, southwest Chantilly and Senlis southeast, offers an open course landscape.

The municipality is crossed by the RD 606 connecting Apremont with, a distance of 4 km through Vineuil-Saint-Firmin. It is leaning in the forest known as "Haute Pommeraie". It borders the protected site of Domaine de Chantilly south and east. By forest "Haute Pommeraie" on the north. Training grounds and equestrian activities related to the Polo occupy the agricultural plain. Here was organized in September 2004, the World Polo Championship. The beautiful golf d’Apremont is installed northeast of the city at the crossroads of the forest "Haute Pommeraie, Liueutenant forest and the forest of Halatte.

35 rue Louis Wallon - 60300 Apremont
Tel: 03 44 25 35 14 - www.mairie-apremont60.fr


Avilly Saint-Léonard

Near Chantilly Castle Park, Avilly-St-Leonard is a small town of about 1,000 citizens and an area of 193 hectares, located in classified site and surrounded by forest, property of the Institute of France. The city hall, a gift from the Duke of Aumale, adjacent to the church of the 16th century, highlighted for paintings dating from the 12th century.

Saint-Leonard is where the first culture of watercress in France was found in 1811. In Avilly, the cooler built in the 17th century allowed to keep the ice in the summer. The first laundry in Avilly appears in 1650 (there are 3 in the canton). This industry will prosper and ensure the development of Avilly whose population increases, thus residents in 1913 asked the name Avilly will precede to the St. Léonard. The Society for the Promotion installed in 1971 the equestrian zone of Saint-Léonard, magnificent training area including tracks in circles, lines and tracks in the forest. France Galop maintains this site.

Nonette School, established in 1980, welcomes children of primary school.

1 place Mairie St Léonard - 60300 Avilly St Leonard
Tel: 03 44 53 24 02 - www.avilly-saint-leonard.com



Center of the Community of Municipalities, Chantilly has many assets: its setting, its dynamism and its heritage.

Chantilly, princely city
The "Domaine de Chantilly" is an exceptional place, both in quality and history. The legacies of the past are architectural (El Castillo, the Great Stables) and also artistic and cultural (Condé Museum collections, porcelain and Chantilly lace enjoy a reputation know worldwide), gastronomic (the famous Chantilly cream would have been invented in Chantilly), educational and fun (The Museum of the Horse, The Potager des Princes).

Chantilly in the heart of the forest
The city is located in the heart of a forest of over 6,000 hectares, rich for its flora as for its fauna. Chantilly belongs to the Regional Natural Park Oise - Pays de France.

Chantilly, capital of the horse
The horse world is the heart of the economic activity in the city. Chantilly is the first training center for racehorses in Europe: about 3000 racehorses train every day on the tracks. The racecourse, which is one of the most beautiful in France, receives each year many horse races, including the prestigious Prix de Diane Hermes and Prix du Jockey Club. The Horse Museum annually attracts thousands of visitors.

Tourism Chantilly
Chantilly is a world famous destination, who has 500,000 visitors a year.

11 avenue du Maréchal Joffre - 60500 Chantilly
Tel: 03 44 62 42 00 - www.ville-chantilly.fr


Coye la Forêt

Nestled in a green area in the heart of the beautiful forest of Chantilly, Coye-la-Forêt will appeal to lovers of authenticity.

Quiet and with the ponds of Commells, a dynamic community life with its theater festival in May, the renowned music school and church concerts "Music in Chanterroy" is added.

After this little cultural break, you do not need a compass or a map to find the pleasure of walking through the woods and enjoy the wonders that Mother Nature offers here. Maybe you can find a deer in one of the beautiful glades and surely be amazed to discover the joys of a simple contact, but so deep with an exceptional environment just 35 kilometers from the towers Notre Dame de Paris; this is what you will find in Coye-la-Forêt!

With about 4,000 citizens today, the town is full of memories that marked local life in the past centuries. You will not remain indifferent to discover the old laundry or the small bridge that crosses the river Thève. Near, is also the Mandrou Bridge which has just been refurbished. History has also left its mark with the Castle of the White Queen of which it is said that its name comes because in this place Queen Blanca de Castilla, mother of King San Luis, made a stop here.

Place de la Mairie BP No. 1-60580 Coye-la-Forêt
Tel: 03 44 58 45 45 - www.coyelaforet.com



The second largest city of the CCAC territory, Gouvieux is a real countryside city.

Located in an area of 2,253 hectares, of which 1668 are woods and fields, Gouvieux is 20 km periphery while Paris has 30. With exceptional natural areas, large tracts of forests and lakes that are crossed by the Nonette River, Gouvieux features an unusual environment only 42 km from the capital.

To resist the demographic pressure of the Ile-de-France and Roissy that are near, the city of Gouvieux stopped since 1983 any hint of easy urbanization instituting very strict rules on land use

Twenty years later, this policy is paying off: Gouvieux retains its appearance of great town around a church, listed in the inventory of historical monuments and its population is stable with 10 000 inhabitants.

Moreover, this choice of quality of life has helped attract or retain businesses and international personalities: Cap Gemini recently installed a university in the Château des Fontaines, the Aga Khan has chosen an address in Chantilly, not counting important executives of French industry who are in this city, tranquility necessary to offset a hectic professional life.

Gouvieux, horse town has the largest training center in the world for thoroughbred racehorses. D'Aigles track home more than 1,300 thoroughbreds in training every morning.

Finally, Gouvieux, with its shops and services, a train station which takes you to Paris in 26 minutes, a pool, 80 sports and cultural associations, offers its residents all the advantages of a real city in the country.

48 rue de la Mairie - 60270 Gouvieux
Tel: 03 44 67 13 13 - www.gouvieux.fr


La Chapelle en Serval

La Chapelle-en-Serval, “city gate” of Picardy border with the Val d'Oise, has about 3,000 citizens and remains committed to membership with the southern Oise. Since the dawn of time, its main street is the route connecting the north and south, including the link to the capital. Surrounded by forest, the city remains a village where life is good, thanks to a controlled urbanism.

Our children have a new school, which opened in 2011, allowing them to continue their primary education in a quality environment. The Kindergarden School welcomes children from 3 years. Special attention to recreation centers is provided. Middle School "du Servois" regroups since 1983 students from several municipalities.

Shopping help ensure the maintenance of a local economy.

A rich associational life in various animations allows every person to integrate into a sporting, cultural or musical activity. The creation of the Hall of Crafts - Arts - Gastronomy 5 years ago has a great success, ensuring knowledge of the city, not to mention various festivals and theatrical performances, concerts and dance.

Its heritage is preserved, including the church whose construction began in the 14th century; is registered in the inventory of historical monuments. The municipality is an old mansion called "Solitude", built around 1870, purchased by the city in 1975 and includes a beautiful wooded park built for relaxation. La Chapelle-en-Serval is part of the Regional Natural Park Oise Pays de France.

1200 Paris Street - 60520 La Chapelle-en-Serval
Tel: 03 44 54 60 29



Despite the proximity to Paris, Lamorlaye enjoys an incomparable natural environment as it is in the heart of the forests of Chantilly, Halatte and Ermenonville.

Lamorlaye is the first city in the Oise that tourists find when they are coming from Paris by the National Highway 16. This simple fact illustrates the exceptional position of our city link between the Paris region and Picardy.

Paris, at a distance of 35 kilometers only, is less than an hour by car and 30 minutes by train, with a dense and diverse communications network.
Economic development poles made of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and the area of the Plaine Saint-Denis, the Stade de France, are less than 30 minutes by road.

The wealth of historic places near Lamorlaye is also an asset: the Domaine de Chantilly, with its castle and its racecourse, the Royal City of Senlis, the Abbeys of Chaalis Fontaine Royamont and Moncel to name only the closest one.

Lamorlaye, with more than 8,300 inhabitants, is also inseparable from the equestrian world since it welcomes more than 900 racehorses, divided into sixty barns led by trainers and jockeys worldwide reputation.

24 rue Général Leclerc - 60260 Lamorlaye
Tel: 03 44 21 64 00 - www.ville-lamorlaye.fr



900 citizens of Mortefontaine can be proud of their charming village with a rich historical, natural and architectural heritage.

The castle was the setting for the wedding of the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, and now houses the private education institution Saint-Dominique.
The beautiful Parque de la Valliere is reputed to be one of the most beautiful gardens English style in Europe.
You can also discover a source listed as a historical building.

18 rue Corot - 60128 Mortefontaine
Tel: 03 44 54 31 56


Orry la Ville

Orry la Ville with their village Montgrésin is a town with 3,494 citizens that extends 1,210 hectares at an altitude ranging between 42 m and 129 m. It lies on the southern boundary of the department of Oise and Picardy region, and is part of the Regional Natural Park Oise-Pays de France.

Orry la Ville, through the highway north (A1 Paris-Lille) is located about 15 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 35 km from Paris International Airport.

Orry la Ville has a forest site of quality. The surface of three forests: Chantilly, Halatte and Ermenonville, offer several options for walking, hiking, horse riding and bicycles. And the discovery of Montgrésin, with its windmills, the famous aviator Delaunay, and natural watercress farm something you will enjoy. A pleasant walk to the ponds of Comelles through its Abbey you will discover the flora and fauna. Orry la Ville with its shops, artisans, schools, health professionals, its important associative network of sports and cultural level, is a village where life is good.

4 Place abbé Clin - 60560 ORRY LA VILLE
Tel: 03 44 58 91 16 - www.ville-orrylaville.fr



The village is spread over 1,650 acres (16.50 km²), of which nearly half are agricultural areas, has 1,719 inhabitants.

Plailly settled long ago at the foot of the hill of Montmélian, and is located south boundary of the department of Oise and Picardy. The municipalities that surround our town are La Chapelle en Serval, Pontarmé, Thiers-sur-Thève and Mortefontaine in the department of Oise and 4 towns in the Ile de France: Moussy-le-Neuf (Seine et Marne) Survilliers, St Witz and Vémars (Val d'Oise).

The people of our village are known as the Plélléens, the Gallo-Roman name for Plellius, a character who would previously owned some land in Plailly. Our population is predominantly active with a participation rate of 72%.

Plailly is also the "Gaulois" town that houses since 1989, the theme park "ASTERIX", which is entirely in the territory of the Municipality, accessible only by the Northern Highway (A1). It celebrated 25 years old in 2014.

Plailly also has a church dating from the 12th century, a cultural center and a sports complex, open to many cultural and sports activities. 30 associations encourage our city.

Plailly enjoys a fairly unique situation, since it is only 35 km from Paris, the capital, and 15 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle. Plailly has at "their doors" the Chantilly and Ermenonville forests as well as historical and prestigious cities of SENLIS and CHANTILLY (European City of the Horse). The first beaches are 2h - 2h30 from our town: Bay of the Somme is 200 km.

15 bis rue de Paris - 60128 PLAILLY
Tel: 03 44 54 30 21


Vineuil Saint Firmin

The friendly Vinoliens, two golf courses one known worldwide, including a 4 star Hotel, restaurant, shops, and our charming village is a walk that can’t be missed under any circumstances.

Whatever the entrance you take to discover our village of 1,500 inhabitants, the tranquility, the quality of forests and built heritage will follow you.

You arrive by Apremont ...let be guided by horses, discover "La Faisanderie" and fully enjoy our forests, privileged spaces for family outings or athletic training.

You leave through the road of Chantilly and Creil and heads to Senlis, a small chapel of the 19th century retain its look and you will fall in Chantilly castle charm as it has ever seen. Forced stop, time stops, the beauty that invades this magical place "Saut du Loup".

You arrive from Senlis ... is our 16th century church on the right that seduce you.

1 rue Duchesse de Chartres - 60500 Vineuil St. Firmin
Tel: 03 44 57 06 05 - www.vineuilsaintfirmin.fr