The Communauté de Communes

The community of communes of the cantilienne area (CCAC, by its initials in French) is a French intercommunal structure of the Oise department in  the region of Picardy created in December 1994.
The president of the community of communes is Eric Woerth since 1995.

CCAC has chosen several attributions/ expertises 

  • Collection and treatment of waste from households and similar waste: CCAC is a member as such the joint association of the Valley of the Oise for transport and treatment of household and similar waste
  • Landscaping: creation of bike paths
  • Economic Development Action: CCW involved and financially supports the GIP 'Initiative for Sustainable Development Chantilly "for the modernization and redevelopment of the Chantilly racecourse.
  • Construction or development, maintenance, management of the facilities and sporting institutions:  therefore, the construction of the intercommunal pool, whose management has been entrusted to the Récréa society.
  • Schools: financial contribution to the rehabilitation of three colleges of the territory led by General Council of the Oise
  • Security: creation of a municipal board for safety and crime prevention
  • Tourism
  • Managing a reception area for Travellers
  • Managing an emergency center

A tourism expertise:

Since 1 January 2014, the CCAC has  registered the Tourism in its statutes.

Therefore, the CCAC collect the tourist tax.

It also defines with the tourism agents, the tourism strategy planning.

The mark "Very Chantilly" was launched in early 2014 to bring together tourism agents and create a genuine offer to tourists.

The Office of Tourism promotes the touristic sites.


Communauté de Communes de l'Aire Cantilienne 

73, rue du Connétable - 60500 Chantilly - France
Tel. : (+33) 3 44 62 46 60